Wednesday, 19 March 2014

NOTD - êxito by cliché

First of all, excuse the broken nail - we've all been there, I'm afraid.
Second, look at this colour...
I'm in love with Spring "everything" at the moment and extremely excited to leave the burgundies and dark greys behind and focus on the pastels and bright pinks.

It's a very cheap nail polish so don't expect any miracles. It will chip like a mother if you don't use a good old top coat - at the moment I'm using the Sally Hansen Mega Shine (will discuss it in another post).
That being said, it's still a good nail polish for the price (1€) and you can't go wrong with a bright, fun pink.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

O Boticario's Liquid highlighter

First of all, lets all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this highlighter is! 
It's a very very light pinky champagne, that looks amazing on my pale skin and rosy cheeks. I just put a dot of it in the back of my hand and I go in with my trusty elf small stipple brush, and dot this on all of the high points of my face and then blend until it looks like I'm glowing from within (cheesy I know).