Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pore Strips Addiction

I don't think I would ever enjoy ripping those pore strips from my nose, cause let me tell you, that shit hurts like a mother!
But I get this very satisfying feeling, when I see all the gunk that used to be in my nose, now on the stripy thing.
They are very easy to use. You just pore water on your nose and stick it in there. You let it be, until you feel the strip hard and then you just rip it off (or if you're like me, you spend like half an hour trying to take that thing without crying - true story).
I usually do it once a week, maybe twice if I feel like my pores are needing a little help.
I believe I' addicted to them. It's so easy to use and you see immediate results! I can't go a week without using it.

I get mine in Continente, about 2,99€ for 8 strips. I highly recommend them!

Monday, 9 June 2014

May Beauty Favorites 2014

My first ever Favorites video!
This month, I've been loving quite a lot of my recent purchases.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kiko Exotic Shine Lipstick

By now you all know, that I'm completely obsessed with the new Kiko limited edition - Life in Rio. 
I want it all! 
So, first things first. That packaging... It's gold, it's shiny, it's sleek. Looks so much more expensive than it was and I love it!

I got the shade "06 - Voluptuous Pink" and it's this gorgeous bright pink. It's a warm pink so you ain't gonna look like a plastic barbie, don't you worry. It's such a unique shade and although I have a tonne of lipstick, I didn't have a colour that looked remotely like this.

It glides on like a dream, it's creamy but it does give you a glossy effect, so no matte finish over here as the name already suggests. It doesn't dry or cling to your lips, so that's a plus for me. 
The one thing that sets it apart for me is the scent. It's soooooo good! It's this tropical fruits scent (it doesn't linger on the lips, don't worry). I believe it's passion fruit, but what do I know, really?!

I want all the shades, because they are all gorgeous. Definitely gonna try and get my hands on some more!
You can find it here for 7,50€. I suggest you hurry up, because they are going fast!

Monday, 2 June 2014

The lip balm I can't live without!

I was always one of those girls that didn't give a damn about lip balm. Lip balm, was that foreign thing that sometimes you used when you were sick with a cold and had some sore lips. Didn't used, didn't care.
I then started wearing it, just because it was a girl thing at the time, you know? Back in the day, when we all use to wear a pinky lip balm, that did absolutly nothing for your lips, but it did give you that smidge of colour.

Then youtube and beauty blogs came along and I started getting more and more into it. I started hearing everybody and their momma talk about the Nivea lip butters (Nivea and Labello are virtually the same thing). So when I saw this in my local supermarket, I snatched it up and I've been using it religiously every single day, before bed.
And I have to say, I've noticed a massive, massive diference. If for some reason I forget to use it, in the morning my lips will be dry and unconfortable (I believe they are addicted to this stuff). I just slatter this on and I'm good to go. The only downside is that, it's in a damn pot... I hate getting my fingers dirty and it's not very convienient during the day. So this is strickly a product to incorporate in my night routine. But other than that it's amazing. I do wish the ones with flavour would come to Portugal, but since that hasn't happened yet, we have to stick with this one for now. 

So if you have dry lips or you just want a good lip balm, give this one a try. It's cheap (around 3,50€), lasts forever and it's oh so good!