Monday, 24 November 2014

Autumn / Winter Flush

While in Summer I love my bright pink and coral bushes, for Winter I tend to go to more muted shades. Berries and rose shades, look absolutely stunning in the Winter and they are definitely my go to shades, during this time.
So, here are some of my go to, Winter blushes, all super affordable (in fact none of them go past the 6€ mark):

The first one is from Nyx and it's in the shade "Mocha", which is a perfect dusty pink with some red undertones and looks beautiful on the skin. Makes you look fresh, even if you only had four hours of sleep the night before.

The next one is from Elf and it's the shade "Mellow Mauve", which as the name suggests, it's a very pretty mauve colour, with some blue duo chrome running through it. Don't worry, you won't get blue cheeks! It only shows in the pan.  

Then we have one from Skeek, called "Antique", this was from a limited edition, they had a year ago, but I believe they made it into a permanent shade and for a good reason, this shade is just something else! You look at it in the pan and it looks like a mauvy brown shade with silver glitter (no fun at all), but when you pop it on to the cheeks, it's a whole other level. Looks so flawless and it looks amazing with every single makeup look you do. Definitely a must!

The last one, is also from Elf and it's called "Blushing Rose". It's a dark rose with gold sparkles in it. Looks gorgeous on the cheeks, giving you that "I've just been outside playing in the snow". A must have for Christmas season, if you ask me.