Friday, 14 November 2014

Kiko Eyeshadow Pencils - Daring Game Collection

Is there anything that I don't love from Kiko? I don't think so.
Every time that I go in there, I can't help but to fall in love with something new.
The quality is amazing and everything is so affordable, that you can't help but to try everything. I'm currently eyeing up there new foundation!

They currently have in store, three different collections. These eyeshadow pencils are part of the Daring Game one. It's a beautiful collection inspired by the Bond girls. I have a few bits and bobs, from this collection  and I got to say, I love all of them. Some of my favourite things are these eyeshadow pencils. 

These are so creamy and pigmented and once they set, they do not budge! They are very easy to apply, just smudge these straight on to your lids and with your finger or a brush, just blend everything in. 
I love to use these under my eyeshadow and after I apply my eyeshadow primer. This way I believe my eyeshadow would survive the freaking Apocalypse, but as a girl with extremely oily eyelids, that is always a must. If by any chance your eyelids tend to behave, than just pop these on and your good to go! 

The collection have ten shades, all of them pretty amazing. I have the number 10 "Bold Rosy Taupe", which as the name suggests is a light taupe with a purple undertone, and the number 33 "Likable Blackberry" that is a straight up purple berry tone and you case you're living on the moon and don't watch Lisa Eldridge videos, this little one featured in a recent one she did about a wearable Autumn look (hence why I got it). 

I definitely want to pick some more shades, especially number 24 "Majestic Dove-grey", that's a nice dark taupe (I'm loving everything taupe at the moment, if you couldn't tell by now).

Kiko is killing it with their new collections and I'm pretty sure, I'm gonna have to do some serious damage on my birthday!