Friday, 7 November 2014

My Favourite Autumn / Winter Nail Polishes

Nail polishes... I have so many of them, that things tend to get kinda of crazy when I tried to narrow this down to only six. 
Autumn and Winter, are just those seasons where a good dark nail polish can look so chic and amazing, but I also appreciate a good nude too.

So, starting things from left to right (and these are in no particular order), we have a Cliché nail polish in "Intima", beautiful burgundy shade that looks much darker than it looks in the picture. These has got to be my favourite shade of nail polish. I can have it in every single brand and I still wouldn't be bored of it. 

Next one, was featured in my last NOTD and it's the Rimmel's Urban Purple. It's basically three shades lighter than the Cliché one, but definitely in the same colour family. Amazing formula, dries pretty quickly and it lasts a long time on the nails.

I think you all guessed, that at some point in this blog post, there would be a mention to a Kiko nail polish, because everybody knows I'm obsessed. This is in the shade "315" and it's a straight up dark Purple colour. Love it!

The next one on the line is a Risqué one. Back in the day, I use to collect every single shade of Risqué nail polishes, but until this day this is one of my faves, it's in the shade "Show" and it's a beautiful blue toned green. Perfect for Winter and looks amazing on the nails.

And there's another Cliché one (shocker, I know). This one is in the shade "Oliva" and it's simple green colour, that I absolutely love to wear and I get a ton of compliments on it too!

The last is a nude shade, that I think is so damn chic. Love a good nude! This one is from a brand called Golden Rose and it's the number "08". These nail polishes are so creamy and long lasting! Absolutely love them.

And these guys, are my Autumn / Winter top picks. Hope you enjoyed. Go ahead and leave me some more recommendations. There's always room for more nail polish in my collection!